From Schools

“WiseOnes is an outstanding program that complements our classroom-based gifted programs. We are extremely pleased with it and would strongly recommend it to all schools.”

F Catalano, Acting Principal, Amsleigh Park Primary School in Victoria

“WiseOnes is a highly beneficial program. It provides challenging and meaningful lessons. Students are engaged at all times.”

Koreen Donegan, Minchinbury Public School in New South Wales

“Brighton Primary School has had the benefit of some excellent WiseOnes teachers who not only are committed to ensuring that all who attend gain maximum benefit within the time spent there, but have also provided staff with valuable knowledge and understanding of the needs of our gifted and talented students.”

Sandra Lindsay, Brighton Primary School in Victoria

“We are very pleased to have WiseOnes here.”

EM Laikve, Principal, Ruskin Park Primary School in Victoria

“The WiseOnes program was embraced by our school leadership as another means of enhancing the learning and further engagement of our gifted students. Participants in the program and their parents have been delighted with it and with the caring and committed WiseOnes teachers who value the students' interests and their diversity and foster the development of each students' individual strengths and weaknesses. In addition to providing free testing of students, engaging in professional dialogue with the school leaders and trialling new ideas in our school, they have assisted us by suggesting ways of financing the program in the school and offering units that would be particularly appealing to our students.”

Principal, Outer South East primary school in Victoria

From Parents

“We changed schools when we moved house over a year ago and the WiseOnes program was an important part of our decision-making process. Both my children have gained knowledge through the WiseOnes program but, more importantly, it has given my son real challenges and has given my daughter the comfort that she’s not the only one who’s ‘different’. Sometimes going to WiseOnes is the only thing that gets her through the school week, as feeling ‘different’ can be completely overwhelming for a seven-year-old.”

Parent of students at Mt Pleasant Primary School in Victoria

“My daughter would rather go to WiseOnes than stay in her class. She loves it.”

Parent of student at Livingstone Primary School in Victoria

“WiseOnes has given my daughter exposure to information and concepts outside the normal curriculum. This broader view of the world around her turns up in her conversation and hopefully brings forward and widens her career choices.”

Parent of student at Donvale Primary School in Victoria

“WiseOnes has been fantastic for my daughter’s self-esteem and something she looks forward to every week. It helps keep her motivated to attend school. The school had suggested that she was slow as she did not interact in class and refused to communicate with the teacher. She was discriminated against because of a congenital condition but now she is up near the top of the class thanks to the increased self-esteem.”

School name withheld

“My oldest child participated in three WiseOnes programs and really enjoyed working in a fast-paced environment where she felt very supported by the teacher.”

Parent of student at Boronia Heights Primary School in Victoria

“What a wonderful learning experience WiseOnes has been for my son and for us, his parents. So wonderful that my daughter is joining the WiseOnes program this term. WiseOnes really does help gifted and talented learners (and their families). We’re grateful to Beaumaris Primary School for welcoming WiseOnes as another form of school-based education and for supporting the kids in their learning endeavours.”

Parent of students at Beaumaris Primary School in Victoria

“My children are excited when WiseOnes day comes around and can’t wait to talk about what they’ve learned when they come home. With the current constraints on the public education system, I see WiseOnes as a window of opportunity to help my children fulfil their potential.”

Parent of students at Dingley Primary School in Victoria

“It’s been great fun attending the WiseOnes parent sessions, seeing the kids learning so happily and creatively and differently. My son started WiseOnes and hearing him and like young minds vigorously discussing and debating issues as varied and complex as morality, mortality, treason, jealousy, cloning, biological implants, the universe and Shakespeare (to name a few) is inspiring. These ‘mature’ themes are dealt with sensibly and honestly and start the mental cogs working. It’s reassuring to know that the kids are learning how to think ‘outside the box’ and about issues not often raised in the standard curriculum.”

Parent of students at Beaumaris Primary School in Victoria

“I would like to thank the support team at WiseOnes, who have given my son, Ben, confidence and a sense of achievement throughout his participation in the WiseOnes program.”

Parent of student at St Gregory the Great Primary School in Victoria