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2017 news
This year saw our growth into New Zealand. We had met Sue Luus at gifted conferences so we knew when she applied that she was really keen to help the gifted. Sue started with 24 children. It was more than the school had expected.  There are always unrecognized gifted . 
For the first time we have government funding for the program at a very poor school. The principal and I are delighted after so many tries to get community funding going and only 2 sponsors ever agreed. One  was my son who was an unrecognized gifted child at school due to Irlen Syndrome. Now he sponsors sports teams, races, bowls, and the gifted from his big business. 
Next year, 2018,  I will start the European section of the business in Ireland in honour of my gifted mother also unrecognized. I would love some of my cousins to take it up and lead.

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