How the program works

How the WiseOnes Program Works

The WiseOnes program is delivered in the school as a support service for high potential children. Teachers attend the school weekly during each term to deliver a specifically designed curriculum for children assessed as gifted (those with results in the top 93rd percentile qualify to participate).

Assessment is free but the WiseOnes program is not government funded. Each individual school makes the choice to contract the Licensee in their area and the parents of the children who participate pay the associated fees.


The WiseOnes program has multiple aims for gifted children:

  • Academic

  • Intellectual

  • Moral

  • Social development

  • Fun


Our curriculum is not connected to state or national outcomes as these requirements are covered with their class teachers. Instead, the WiseOnes program supplements their learning with faster, more complex subjects delivered in a different style of teaching that reflects the different needs of gifted children.

If circumstances prevent the WiseOnes program being offered in school, our Fast Learners program offers online gifted education options.