Giftedness is genetic and it can be enhanced or destroyed by what happens to the child. The average increase in neurological connections for a gifted child is 140% per year from in the womb. You add 140% on top of 140% on top of 140% and see how exponential the mental growth is.

The children who qualify for this program are 8 in the head when they start school. They are already far ahead of their age peers and get bored easily. They do not need more repetitions.  By the time they are 12 they are 17 in the head or maybe if highly gifted 25. 

Age grading is a huge disadvantage to them but they cannot express it. They do not know what is going on. They trust the adults to care for them but often the  adults don't know or understand.

Some gaze out the window and appear not to be paying attention, others become "naughty"  to get out of the classroom.

Others become teacher's little pet helper to fill in the time, some become peer conscious and must have the latest fashion and be liked by  everyone else on the outside to gain acceptance and maybe to avoid bullying.

Some excel at sport or art or music even though they are wholly academic inside. It is acceptable to be like that. 

The pressure on them is enormous and they are making the best decisions they can in a world that is a bit strange and illogical to them . Some have disabilities such as epilepsy, autism or Irlen syndrome, glue ear from allergies. Many are super sensitive to quite a few foods and smells and clothing tags,  washing powder, shampoo , insect bites etc.

Most make judgments that are quite advanced but without the realization that not everyone is able to  judge as they do.  Perfectionism is common and and they may  become dependent on praise thus limiting their stretch for more and better,   so parents and teachers must be careful  with praise. They can say,"  That was better than last time wasn't it"    or even " I expect you are happy with that effort aren't you. What do you think? "

Skype assessments can be done at low cost for those who would like them.  Parents pay by EFT or Paypal. Psychological testing is very expensive but needed for grade acceleration which is by far the most successful help for the the gifted who do not need age peers but mental peers.  It is 0.68 statistically effective and our program is 0.48 successful and nothing else reaches 0.3 which is the start of statistical effect.

So it's our withdrawal program or a similar one or  acceleration that work and nothing else makes enough difference for the child. I do think Dr Susan Winebrenner's idea of class organization is a good one and combines well with the WiseOnes program.