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Fast Learners Online

Fast Learners Online is a division of WiseOnes, providing gifted education to students where the WiseOnes program is not offered in their local school. It uses specialist teachers and group video with very small groups to offer appropriate, fast-paced, complex, principled and more abstract learning than general school curriculums provide.

Australia is the home of this innovation partly due to the huge distances and impossibility of having teachers appropriate for the gifted in remote places. The children we teach can be anywhere as long as they have a suitable computer (touch screens are useful).

All teachers are registered and have undergone a police check. Some teachers speak languages other than English (contact us to ask about the languages available).


Students must be assessed (via Skype) to determine their giftedness. This is a free service conducted by a gifted education specialist. Children seem to enjoy the process and it does not take long.

Subjects Currently Available

There are currently five topics available through Fast Learners Online:

1. Draw with a Twist – the Work of MC Escher

2. Creative Algebra

3. Philosophy for Young Minds

4. Ancient Egyptian Studies

5. Grammar in Colour


“Wow! This is a much better way of learning algebra than school. I don’t learn well by listening but this way I can see the video and work on examples with the teacher sharing her screen.”
Joshua (aged 14)


“I wanted to thank Fast Learners Online for the online algebra lessons Alex participated in recently. He thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and looked forward to them every week. He felt challenged and appreciated the instruction and support he received while working through problems. He is seldom challenged at school so it was great to see him put effort into his work and learn about algebra and problem solving. Thank you.”
Alex’s mother


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