We specialise in gifted education for children, helping fast learners to develop their full potential through a boutique program, either at their own school or through online learning.

Internal WiseOnes research has shown this Australian developed and provided program produces stunning increases in the confidence, self-esteem, academic outcomes and NAPLAN results of gifted children.

Find out how the program works, the subjects available, what parents and schools think about it and how to contact us for more information.

Welcome to WiseOnes!

How the WiseOnes Program Works

The WiseOnes program is delivered through Licencees who have their own business, in the schools as a support service for high potential children. Teachers attend the school weekly during each term to deliver a specifically designed curriculum for children assessed as gifted.. The assessments are done free for the schools as early identification is very important for the gifted children.

WiseOnes Subjects

WiseOnes is constantly developing new subjects to keep gifted students challenged and interested. From Ancient Assyria to Mind your Money, WiseOnes has subjects to excite and develop every gifted mind.. We have many sections and we call it SHTEAMPO  It is  science, history, technology, environment. art, mathematics, philosophy and Other.  


“WiseOnes is a highly beneficial program. It provides challenging and meaningful lessons. Students are engaged at all times.”

Koreen Donegan, Minchinbury Public School in New South Wales...

Gifted Education

Being “gifted” means having an innate potential created by a complex brain structure. Giftedness can be nurtured with love and interesting activities and suitably challenging learning experiences...

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